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David Creates Goliath

They said it couldn’t be done. They said there wasn’t a production facility in New Zealand that could engineer and build such a large specialised piece of equipment. They said Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd was dreaming. Mind you, they once said that no-one would conquer Everest!

After a nine month research and development programme, the Auckland based manufacturer and engineer of high quality heat pump water heaters and water temperature control solutions is at the construction stage of their ‘Monolith’ project.

The beast with built-in efficiencies

The Hot Water Heat Pump Ltd team has engineered and manufactured a 5.5 metre by 2.2 metre unit with twin tandem compressors and 330kWs of capacity using local and imported parts. Designed for industrial use, the equipment includes two machines, one which is a standalone construction and the other a modular two-piece structure.

Built from scratch with Kiwi engineering and some Kiwi made parts, ‘Monolith’ includes an extra-large coil for good low ambient performance, meaning that if one of the tandem compressors is switched off, the capacity will reduce, but the performance will increase. Kevin Trigg, Sales and Marketing Director at the company comments, “We believe that we can achieve greater efficiencies over single compressor refrigeration circuits. Installing one set of pipes means that there is less surface area for heat gains or losses. Heat extraction from the air also improves. In short, reducing capacity means that the installation will work a lot smarter and cost less to run.”    
Trigg goes on to say, “We have a staff of 19, and we currently produce the largest range of swimming pool heat pumps available in New Zealand. We export to many countries including, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Chile and the Pacific Islands. To remain ahead of the game, we need to continue to invest in new technology and innovation. In turn, we know that this will benefit our clients across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. 

If you’re about to commission a large swimming pool build or you are at the planning stages of a huge commercial project, then talk to us about your water temperature requirements.”

We can help

If you would like more information about our ‘Monolith’ project or our range of industrial hot water heating and cooling solutions, then call Hot Water Heat Pumps Limited on: +64 9 8389444, NZ toll free: 0800 336633 or contact us